I frequently toss around the cliche; I am waiting for my other shoe to drop.
A couple of weeks ago, as I rose from my dining room chair, my right foot chose to collapse and smack the ground instead of holding up my body. When I tried to stand up and make sense of what had happened, I realized I was dropping another shoe.

Seconds after a non-elegant flop lands me on top of our Saltillo Tiles; I wonder how my two-and-a-half-inch wedge shoe would break? As I stumble to rise, I am confused. My go-to black wedges look fine; I question if it is my right foot and not my shoe that is the reason for my fall.

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rare disease

RARE PATIENT VOICE  PAID HEALTH SURVEYS CREATE AWARENESS HELP OTHERS PAID HEALTH SURVEYS Do you or someone you care for have a rare disease? If so, then please become part of the Rare Patient Voice referral program. Rare Patient Voice connects patients and caregivers with confidential research studies and surveys. Rare Patient Voice pays participants…

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