CDC Shares How To Wash Your Hands




Coronavirus Has My World Upside Down

I realize I have limited ability to control the Coronavirus. However, I notice the little things in life I need to promptly change. So when the, CDC Shares How To Wash Your Hands, I quickly take note.

Like all of you my world is in a sudden switch mode. 

I thought 2020 was suppose to be an easy breezie year, so far it is the extreme opposite.

Thankfulfully, my family is hunkered down as we try to outpace the Coronavirus. 

About 45 days ago, I use to think when washing my hands all I needed to do was pour some water on my hands for a several seconds, use a little soap, rub, dry your hands on a towel and then I was good to go.

Well, no longer. I along with my parents are at high risk for being stricken with the Coronavirus so I need to learn how to wash my hands correctly.

Please note that 60 days ago, I would have thought this post was bizarre, very bizarre. However, times are changing...

Oh, how times change. To learn more about how to correctly wash your hand please find the CDC hand washing instructions;

CDC How To Wash Your Hands


Stay apart, stay safe and stay healthy. 

Thank you to our first responders, doctors, nurses and medical personnel. 

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