Why I Use Botox To Treat My Cervical Dystonia

WHY I use Botox to treat Cervical Dystonia


Why I Use Botox To Treat My Cervical Dystonia

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Three days ago my pain management specialist, Dr. Hamid Fadavi injected over a 50 mg of Allergan’s Botox to treat my Cervical Dystonia.

My Cervical Dystonia Treatment

Dr. Fadavi injects numerous Botox syringes into my neck, and shoulder trigger points.

The Botox injections are painful, and I am used to pain.

Dr. Fadavi uses an ultrasound Doppler to help identify the location to inject the Botox.

The Doppler produces a high volume of crackle, pop, and sound as the Doctor pinpoints my trigger areas.

Dr. Fadavi tells me the Doppler should be quiet, but I am in spasms.

The injections of Botox do not end with my neck and shoulders. Dr. Fadavi injects Botox into my left jaw to stop my jaw line from sliding.

The doctor’s injections of Botox have slowed down the Cervical Dystonia that resonates throughout my face.

Within a half of hour, my appointment with Dr. Fadavi is over.

After my appointment, I do not go directly to my car instead I sit outside the doctor’s office on a bench.

My body feels shaky. I think, ugh I need a few milligrams of Prednisone.

My body’s need for additional Prednisone is from my Hypopituitary world.

You can read my Hypopituitary story here.

While I sit on the bench, I think were the Botox injections worth the trade -off of side effects.

With a moment of reflection, I think, yes.

My quality of life without Botox injections is between feeling terrible and feeling horrible.

I need a better quality of life, so I am okay with the risk reward of Botox to treat Cervical Dystonia.

I think back to the morning before my Botox injections.

It was 11:00 a.m. and I was still in bed.

I had been up for hours, but my neck felt weak, achy and sharp pains dart from different parts of my neck.

My solution to help my throbbing neck was to lie down on my bed and press my neck against my three different sizes of pillows.

The pillow closest to my neck is on top of a baseball wedged behind my heating pad.

As the rock hard ball enabled me to place pressure on my neck’s throbbing trigger points the warmth from the heating pad comforts my neck.

The heat provided my neck with temporary relief.

I think about my upcoming appointment with my pain management specialist, Dr. Fadavi.

I smile when I realize there are only a couple more hours until my appointment.

The talents of my pain specialist, Dr. Fadavi impress me.

My nickname for Doctor Fadavi is “Magic Fingers.”

I am in awe how Dr. Fadavi precisely injects Botox into the tender trigger points in my neck and my left jaw.

The physician inserts Botox into my shoulders, neck, and jaw offers my spastic muscles relief and allows my Cervical Dystonia to calm down.

I Have Cervical Dystonia.

What Is Cervical Dystonia?

Cervical dystonia, also known as spasmodic torticollis, is a rare, painful disorder in which your neck muscles contract involuntarily.

The muscle contracts cause the head to twist or turn to one side. Cervical dystonia can also cause your head to tilt forward or backward uncontrollably.

Cervical Dystonia may be primary or secondary.

Cervical Dystonia Symptoms

Abnormal movements and awkward posture of the head and neck. The movements may be jerky (clonic), sustain (tonic) or a combination of both.

Usually, Cervical Dystonia symptoms begin gradually and then reach a point where they don’t get substantially worse.

Cervical Dystonia Treatment

There is no cure for Cervical Dystonia.

Cervical Dystonia sometimes resolves without treatment. However, Cervical Dystonia remissions are uncommon.

The injection of botulinum toxin into the affected muscles often reduces the signs and symptoms of cervical dystonia.

Surgery may be appropriate in some cases of Cervical Dystonia.

My Cervical Dystonia Diagnosis

Dr. Fadivo diagnosed my Cervical Dystonia.

During an appointment with Doctor Fadavi, I told him I thought my face was crooked and my jaw did not align with my face.

I figured I was vain, but Dr. Fadivo took my symptoms seriously. He asked me for my driver’s license. The doctor quickly notices the difference between my driver’s license photo and how my face looks now.

Within twenty minutes of conversation and testing Doctor Fadavi diagnosis me with Cervical Dystonia.

It is bittersweet to find out that I have another medical condition.

However, it was driving me crazy feeling like my jaw was separating from my face.

It is what it is, and it is better to know that my face was sitting crook.

Dr. Fadivo told me that he could inject Botox into my muscle spasms areas to decrease my Cervical Dystonia.

I agree that Botox should be injected to halt my Cervical Dystonia.

Why I Use Botox To Treat My Cervical Dystonia

The doctor made me aware of the Allergan Botox price point and said my health insurance would cover a significant portion of the Cervical Dystonia treatment.

He mentions there are a couple of other brands he could use instead of Botox.

I asked the doctor what brand he injects the most.

My doctor said, Botox.

So, Botox it is, I promptly reply.

My Experience With Dr. Hamidi Fadivo

I trust Dr. Fadavi.

I first met Doctor Fadavi in the hospital.

I was in the hospital because my left neck muscles were not able to hold up my head.

The lack of muscle strength resulted with my face pointing towards the ground, my body hunched over and my chin sitting on top of my chest.

I suspected the lack of muscle control in my neck was brought on by the Flu Shot.

I think the Flu Shot caused my Relapsing Polychondritis to flare.

Unfortunately, the Relapsing Polychondritis flare struck the cartilage of my neck.

Along with Relapsing Polychondritis, I have Cervical Dystonia.

Many times the thought of so many different rare diseases and disorders can be overwhelming.

When I am overwhelmed I remind myself, It Is What It Is and to Press On.

I also know that without Botox there would literally be no turning back- Thanks, Allergen.

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