The Cause Of My Body Sweats, Red Hot Face, And Butchered Speech

The Cause Of My Body Sweats, Red Hot Face, And Butchered Speech

The Cause Of My Body Sweats, Red Hot Face, And Butchered Speech

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My face begins to grow warm as I speak to a group of women about our Elementary school fundraiser.

While the small group of women looks my way, I can feel the warmth of my face turning me into one hot mess.

If the tomato color of my face through my olive complexion is not bad enough, I begin to sweat.

Salty tears spring from my forehead.

The salty beads of sweat then turn into a storm. I can feel puddles of sweat absorb the hairs on top of my head.

I nervously have an influx of tone while I try to wrap up my two-minute fundraiser summary.

My mind nervously swirls as I try to understand what is happening to my body.

My body is pouring sweat, my face is red hot, and I have butchered an update about a fundraiser.

My body is failing me again.

Exhaustion fills my body.

I question why I feel so socially anxious?

I believe that Sheehan’s Syndrome causes my social anxiety.

Sheehan’s Syndrome, a.k.a Hypopituitarism changes every aspect of my world.

In my pre-Sheehan’s Syndrome world I use to work.

At work, I easily could give an hour talk to a room full of well-versed decision makers and enjoy myself.

In my Sheehan’s Syndrome world my body is changed.

I no longer have confidence in my skills, I stress out easy and being overwhelmed is usually my status.

I realize my body is different, but I try to move forward.

My body no longer produces the hormones I need to handle stressful situations.

Unfortunately, almost everything feels like a stressful situation.

The results of my two-minute fundraiser summary highlight how Hypopituitary has changed my world.

Often my wants, and needs are not heard.

Being heard can be stressful but so can being silent.

It all goes back to the chicken or the egg?

So, what is your story?

Please, share your story. I welcome guest bloggers.

I hope you have found this health reference, the cause of my body sweats, red hot face, and butchered speech insightful.


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