GoodRX May Save You Thousands In Prescription Cost

Good RX May Save You $$$ On Your Prescription Cost


Keep reading if you need or want to learn how to save money on your prescriptions.

The cost of having a chronic illness can be exorbitant. Medical cost is the leading cause of half of all bankruptcies. 1

Medical cost is the leading cause of half of all bankruptcies. 1

Unfortunately, many people are not able to take their medication prescribed. The #1 reason Americans do not take their medications as prescribed: COST.

Most people do not realize if they are not able to afford their medication the medication manufacturers offer assistance. If you do not qualify for an assistance program but need to save money on your prescription then GoodRX can help you.

GoodRX matches the prices of your medications with hundreds of suppliers and offers you the results. GoodRX is able to offer this service because:

  • Prices for prescription drugs vary widely between pharmacies. U.S. drug prices are neither fixed nor regulated. The cost of a prescription may differ by more than $100 between two pharmacies across the street from each other.
  • If you do not have insurance, it is easy to receive better prices. While prices for most drugs at pharmacies are very high for the uninsured patient, there are many ways to save 80% or more – coupons, savings tips, pharmacy or manufacturer discounts, cheaper alternative drugs, or just asking for a better price.
  • If you have insurance, your co-pay might not be the best price. Hundreds of generic medications are available for $4 or even free without insurance. Your $10 copay does not sound so terrific when you can get the same drug for 60% less with GoodRx. Plus, many plans have high deductibles or limited formularies that do not cover the drugs you need. While the price of drugs is decreasing your drug costs increase. When brand-name drugs like Lipitor, Lexapro, and Singulair go generic, their price drops from hundreds of dollars to as little as $4. But insurance companies are pushing more of the cost of drugs (25-80% more than 10 years ago) onto patients.

GoodRx is not a pharmacy. GoodRX service is to provide you with comparison prices from local and online pharmacies.


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