The Effects of Low Blood Sugar on the Body

The Effects of Low Blood Sugar On The Body

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The effects of low blood sugar on the body frequently toss my  “HypoGal” body into havoc.  Each day I toss and inject medications into my body 24/7, in the hope the medications will mimic the hormones my pituitary would release naturally. I am thankful for my medications but it is hit and usually a miss on the daily hormones my body needs.

Along with my hormone deficiency, my body does not release enough sugar. The effects of low blood sugar a.k.a Hypoglycemia can leave me severely fatigued, heighten my already brain fogged mind and leave my body screaming for sugar.

My craving or need for sugar/glucose have awakened me from a solid sleep, brought on strong urges to eat hard candy and contribute to my weight challenges.

From the emails I receive from other Hypopituitary individuals it appears my challenges are shared. So, when HealthLine contacted me to share this post I did not hesitate.

HealthLine is a wonderful resource for healthcare knowledge. The article posted below, “The Effects Of Low Blood Sugar On The Body” provides insightful information about the effects of low blood sugar on the body.


The Effects of Low Blood Sugar on the Body
When your blood sugar (glucose) levels fall below the normal range, it’s called hypoglycemia, or insulin shock.

Low blood sugar can happen when you skip a meal. It can also happen if your pancreas releases more insulin than it should after you’ve eaten.
The most common reason for low blood sugar is diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can no longer produce insulin.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t make enough, or your body can’t use it properly. To keep blood sugar levels from rising too much (hyperglycemia), you need the right amount of insulin. With insufficient insulin, your blood sugar levels rise. Too much, and your blood sugar levels can plummet.

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