A Relapsing Polychondritis Mother’s Day Story 2016

A Relapsing Polychondritis Mother’s Day Story 2016 

HypoGal's Mother's Day 2016

This morning my girls sang in the kitchen as they created delicious blueberry pancakes topped with whip cream. My Mother’s Day breakfast was perfect and matched the rest of my day. The reminder of my My Mother’s Day was a beautiful blend of family, movie, game, barbecue and reflection time.

My reflection time, my quiet time was bittersweet as my mind shuffled through the snapshots of my daughter’s childhood. My girl’s childhoods were raised surrounded by love and surrounded by a nanny.

I had never dreamt I would be one of those Mom’s who would not be involved with my children’s daily care or wish their childhood years away. But, I was.

So my wish for years to sprint together is upon me. With many long days and very short years my girls have wings. My oldest daughter will begin her journey away this fall and my youngest anxiously awaits her take off.

My wish for fine golden sand to fly through the hourglass evolved out of sheer desperation. I was unable to take care of my girls; I needed to know they would be able to take care of themselves.

In a blink of an eye, my wish was granted. I am thankful, grateful and truly blessed to be here today.

I do have one more wish; I need time to stand still.

However, I know time waits for no one. I pray my girls soar but have deep enough roots to keep them protected and secure.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms and a special Mother’s Day, shout out to my Sheehan Syndrome Sisters.

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