Best New Years Eve Games and Resolutions

Best New Years Eve Games and Resolutions

Best New Years Eve Game


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I like board games, charades, and corny made up games. Incorporating group games into our 2016 New Years Eve celebration with family and friends was a no brainier. We played one game for the first time New Years Eve. I found a brief outline of the game online, and I decided to give the game  a name; Resolution. To play Resolution, you ask each person to write down their News Years Resolution on a small Post-It note as they arrive.

Ask your family or guest not to tell anyone their 2016 New Year Resolution and to fold their Post-It in half so you cannot see their reply. Please also ask them to include their initials next to their New Year Resolution. You then ask them to place the Post-It note into a bag (I used a brown lunch bag).

Remind your family and friends there are no wrong answers.

Fortunately, I had a box of golf pencils and tab of paper to help play the Resolution game. Towards the end of the evening, everyone gathered around the table as a person reached into the brown bag and announced a New Year Resolution. As each Resolution was read everyone guessed at who wrote the Resolution.

The reading of the 2016 New Years Resolution provided a lot of laughs.

Here were a couple of Resolutions:

  • Make A Lot Of Money
  • Attend A Certain University
  • Get A Breast Job
  • Read
  • New Job
  • Eat Healthier

I did not create a New Years Resolution because I thought I could read the replies. Hello, as an afterthought, I still could have read the answers. Ugh, brain fog…

Even though I did not write my New Years Resolution on a Post-It note, 2016 New Years Resolutions darted through my mind as the clock approached Midnight on December 31. Dozens of resolutions flashed through my mind, but nothing stood out.

My short list read like a self-help list:

  • Be More Patient
  • Eat Healthier
  • Open My Mind
  • Read A Science Fiction Book

After I had reflected on my list and I decided I knew what I would write on a Post-It note as my New Years Resolution:
Accept That I am Good Enough

We all have insecurities, but my insecurities always seem tilted. My life with a chronic illness has made me question my worth, accept the poor behavior of others, understand different perspectives of life and how life happens.

My 2016 New Years Eve Resolution is that ” I am Good Enough.”

Below you can find the items you need to play, Resolution.

I have also included the buying links to some other group games you might enjoy.

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I hope you enjoyed the Best New Years Eve Games and Resolutions HypoGal Blog post. 

Happy New Year!

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