Federal Medical State Board Checks Your Doctor’s License

Federal Medical State Board Checks Your Doctor’s License and Information

State Medical Board Doctor's License

Where Is Your Doctor Licensed To Practice Medicine

Have you ever wondered where your doctor went to medical school? What year did they graduate medical school? Where are they licensed to practice medicine? I have.

My life as a professional patient always has me wondering about the background of a physician. I have found I can easily obtain information about a doctor on the Federal Medical State Board website. The Federal Medical State Board website provides information about the doctor:

  • Their Certifications EG. Internal Medicine
  • Where They Received Their Education EG. University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine
  • The Year of Graduation: EG. 1984
  • The Doctor’s Active Licenses EG.California
  • If They Have Actions EG. NONE

Resources: Federal Medical State Board



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