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Free Samples

Receive Free Samples of Health Products, Cover Girl Make Up, Pet Supplies, and Wedding Products

I LOVE Value and of course, FREE is always terrific.

Lifescript Advantage offers Free Samples on numerous types of products in exchange for your email address.

I Guess, I should title this page, FREE Samples in Exchange For Your Email Address

My helpful tip is to have an extra email address for sign ups. It seems like every company wants a trade for a discount, coupon or promo. By trade, I mean; your email address.

So, my advice, is to set up an additional email account if you are interested in receiving discount codes, promos, and free samples. The trade for these heavy discounts will most likely be marketers knocking on your email account. I personally, accept the trade. I am willing to receive coupon codes, discounts and free samples for my email address.

If you think any of the products may benefit you or someone you know then I hope you click away.

Please don’t click away using your primary email address.

Cheers to FREE Samples!

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