Good Night Kiss To My Daughters

Good Night Kiss To My Daughters

Good night kiss blow kiss

Each night I stand in front of the doorway of my girl’s bedrooms and blow them each a good night air kiss. 

Several years ago, my nightly air kisses ritual began as I sought out ways to stay healthier.

I love my daughters beyond words but in my battle to stay healthy I try to cut out germs from my HypoGal World.

My good night kiss to my daughters consist of a quick kiss into my open hand.  After my lips reach the middle of my hand,  I gently blow the kiss out of my hand and into their direction. My girl’s bedrooms share an adjoining wall, so it is usually two air kisses each night. 

The accompany of the mwah sound follows the air kiss.

The air kisses are not the only ritual in our household.

My youngest daughter and I sign I Love You to each other throughout the day. 

To sign, I Love You you raise up your right hand and move your two middle to fingers towards the palm of your hand. Your Index finger and Pinky finger extend straight in the air and straighten your thumb.

I have included a photo of the I Love You hand signal in the feature image of this article. 

Without much success, I scoured the Internet to find the origin of the Air Kiss.

The most interesting article I found was a 2013 article in the New York Post that gave insight to when the act of blowing kisses originated. There is a section in the New York Post article that states: 

“The act of blowing kisses originated in Mesopotamia as a means to gain favor with the gods,” he writes. “In Persia, a man of equal rank was greeted with a kiss on the lips and one of slightly lower rank with a kiss on the cheek.”

The status differences were harsher in ancient Rome, where “an individual’s social status dictated what part of the emperor’s body he or she was allowed to kiss, from the cheek down to the foot. The lower the part of the body kissed, the lower the rank of the kisser.”

The Protestant Reformation banned kissing from religious services, seeing it as “a disgusting carnal act,” but others in the Middle Ages were beginning to feel differently.1

My findings of the Air Kiss was limited, but I have listed numerous resources I explored below.

If you have any information about the origin of the Air Kiss, then please let me know. You can email me at

Similar to many customs, rituals, and traditions to off-set germs the Air Kiss works well in my semi-bubble HypoGal World.



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