With These Kohl’s Coupons, I Saved Over $1000.00

With These Kohl’s Coupons, I Saved Over $1000.00


Huge Saving With These Kohl's Discount Links

With These Kohl’s Coupons, I Saved Over $1000.00


Yes, It is TRUE- With These Kohl’s Coupons I Saved Over $1000.00!

Learn how you to can SAVE $50 off your Patio Furniture when you spend $200 PLUS an additional 15% OR 30%! 

Your Discount of 30% is if you use your Kohl’s Card.  

Take 15% Off Your Order!

    • You need to Click on the Kohl’s Add Above ↑↑↑
    • Then Add PATIO50 into the Promo Code at Check Out. You will receive $50 OFF your $200 Purchase

$50 off your patio furniture, outdoor window, rug, pillow, or cushion purchase of $200 or more with code PATIO50. Select styles. 5/13-5/22

  • If you have a Kohl’s Card you can add the Promo Code REFRESH30 at checkout and you will receive the 30% OFF instead of 15% 
  • Shipping is FREE! 

With These Kohl’s Coupons, I Saved Over $1000.00. Step-by-step on how I ordered the patio furniture in the picture above. 

  1. I ordered the set of chairs and a pillow. The set of chairs was $199.00 before the coupon so I added an outdoor pillow to bring the amount to over $200.
  2. I then added the coupon code for the Kohl’s May Patio Furniture Promo Discount and used the Kohl’s credit card coupon link. (The Links Are Above).
  3. The above 1 & 2 Step I repeated 3 times because I need 6 chairs. My order of  six chairs includes 3 bright coral pillows. Again, a pillow was added to each of my Kohl’s orders to have my purchase price reach the $200 price needed for the Kohl’s Patio Furniture coupon.
  4. I proceeded to my fourth purchase. I clicked on a patio table but the patio table was well below the threshold to receive the $50 OFF Kohl’s Patio Furniture Coupon. So, I added a black rod iron bench topped with a cheerful aqua cushion. I knew  my daughters would enjoy this bench outside these bedrooms this summer. 
  5. Shipping Is FREE!
  6. Happy Shopping! Happy Summer!
  7. I LOVE Shopping Math! I just made $80.00 to spend at Kohl’s from MAY 23- May 30, 2016 with Kohl’s CASH. I made so much $$$$ shopping online at Kohl’s today! 


I am excited to receive our new patio furniture. I love Kohl’s FREE SHIPPING PROMOS. Our new outdoor furniture will arrive in the next few days to our front door- Love It!

I am similar to a lot of people with a chronic illness, I spent a large amount of time at home. I enjoy my home and I love sitting in my backyard. However, my weathered decade old patio furniture is overdue for an upgrade. 

This Kohl’s Patio Furniture Discount Coupon has enabled our family to enjoy a new outdoor dining set. Plus we will receive three coral outdoor pillows and an adorable outdoor bench- yay! 

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