Melinda Blalock Open Heart Go Fund Me

Melinda Blalock Open Heart Go Fund Me


melinda go fund me open heart surgery

As we are all aware, life does not always go as we plan.

My HypoGal life has embodied a medical journey that I had never anticipated.

I have learned to expect the unexpected, and the shoe most likely does drop and then drops again.

The love and support of family and good friends have helped me through my medical journey.

One of my good friends, Janice introduced me to her sister, Melinda Hughie several years ago.

As a side note, I should write my good friends are few. When you have a chronic illness your world shrinks, at least that has been my experience. Somedays, I do not even want to be around myself. However, good friends and a chronic illness are for another HypoGal Blog.

Back to my story about meeting Melinda. My girlfriend, Janice had invited me to join her for lunch. When I arrived at the restaurant, a lively energetic young woman was sitting next to my girlfriend.

At first chat, I instantly connected with Melinda. At the time, Melinda was Melinda Hughie; she had not met her husband, Tim Blalock. I found Melinda so filled with joy, an inspirational young woman who had successfully endured numerous serious medical challenges.

This young woman, Melinda who had been through so much continued to give of herself through her passionate career. Her days consist of countless hours addressing the needs of families who have ill children. Our time at lunch quickly passed, and I felt as if I had known Melinda for years.

From our non-stop conversation at lunch, it became very apparent to me that Melinda Hughie was a survivor. She was not only a survivor but a survivor with a passion filled with wants and needs.

After lunch I recall Melinda telling me about her wedding reception. I responded with, “Oh, I did not know you had a boyfriend.” Melinda smiled and said she didn’t, but she was excited to find the right man and to have a family.

A short time after I had lunch with Melinda, she met the right man, Timothy Blalock. Years forward, Melinda Blalock is happily married to Tim and they have two young sons.

However, her other shoe just dropped. Melinda needs open heart surgery.

Melinda’s sister, Janice phoned me upset, overwhelmed and saddened by Melinda’s medical condition. My girlfriend Janice knew her sister and Tim were trying to overcome a stressful financial situation. Melinda’s new medical diagnosis made their financial situation direr.

My friend Janice called me to brainstorm ideas to help Melinda. Within minutes I thought of Caring Bridge and Go Fund Me.

Realizing Melinda’s financial resources were limited, Janice reviewed the ideas we brainstormed. Janice and her siblings decided a Go Fund Me account would be the best option for their sister.

I had the honor to help work on Melinda’s Go Fund Me.

As of today, Melinda’s Go Fund Me campaign is up and running.

I realize most people have limited resources, especially individuals who have chronic illnesses. If you can give a few dollars, then please consider helping the Blalock Family.

Melinda Blalock Open Heart Go Fund Me Story is below;

Our baby sister, Melinda Hughie Blalock dedicates her career and life to helping others, and now she needs your help.

With open heart surgery scheduled in upcoming days, her husband unemployed, their financials in ruins due to a collapsing business and two little boys at home, she needs help.

Mel needs your help with prayers, support, love and any additional funds you can offer.

Any amount is sincerely appreciated.

If we could use one word to describe our sister Melinda, it would be Survivor.

The Following Is Melinda’s, Medical Story:

Our beautiful, kind-hearted sister beat cancer in her teens, and again in her twenties.

In her thirties, she married her true love Timothy and became the mother of two fun-loving, energetic boys.

At thirty-eight years of age, Melinda’s gums filled with inflammation; making it painful for her to chew, her jaw radiated with pain, and it appeared a growth was the cause. Melinda was anxious and worried her cancer was back.

It is a blessing that a CT of Melinda’s chest and neck enabled doctors to find an enormous (Thoracic) Ascending Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). Sadly, the AAA has already begun to tear and weaken the wall of her heart.

Our sweet, giving sister needs open heart surgery.

Her time in the hospital after surgery will be at least one week. Once Melinda is home her recovery time will be months. Melinda’s husband Tim is unemployed but desperately seeking work. So it is a mixed blessing that he will be able to watch their sons during the day and be Melinda’s caregiver.

The collapse of Tim’s business, mounting medical bills are making their finances direr.

All funds given through this campaign will help Melinda’s family pay for their never-ending medical bills, feed their family and assist them in keeping their home.

go fund me open heart surgery


After Melinda’s open heart surgery the growth on her neck still needs to be medically addressed.

We pray she does not have to beat cancer a third time.

As siblings, we are trying to financially support Melinda and her family as much as we can.

Melinda’s family needs are vast, and our financial resources are not unlimited. We are asking for your help.

In closing, we want you to know several descriptive phrases about our beloved sister, Melinda:

  • A woman who gives without expectation
  • She is passionate about helping sick children and their families
  • A woman of faith who puts her trust in God and is loyal to her family and community

melinda go fund me


It is a humbling experience for us to reach one out. We know most families have limited resources. So, if you are not financially able to give can you please keep our sister, Melinda and her family in your prays.

Thank you for support helping our sister Survive and Thrive.

With Gratitude,

The Hughie Siblings

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