My Eli Lilly Humatrope Growth Hormone Co-Pay is $2421.43

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My Eli Lilly Humatrope Growth Hormone Co-Pay is $2421.43

HOW Eli Lilly Humatrope Costs

Unfortunately, the $2421.43 co-pay for my Human Growth Hormone is not a typo.

The co-pay for the Eli Lilly HGH was so exorbitant that the pharmacist phoned me to confirm I was aware of the co-payment before he ordered the Human Growth Hormone to fulfill my prescription.

Our conversation was something along these lines:
Hi, Lisa, this is Steve from the pharmacy.

I want to make you aware that your Human Growth Hormone will be $2421.43.

I reply, ugh that is expensive!

Then I ask how much will my co-pay cost?

The $2421.43 is your co-pay, he says.

What!? That is crazy money, and I continue to rant about the high cost of prescriptions.

Once my rant stops, I go on to tell the pharmacist I will have to think about it.

My kind hearted pharmacist says he understands.

I think of how the additional $2421.43 will put a significant dent into our already limited family budget.

After hours of weighing financial choices about how to pay for my Growth Hormone co-pay, I have my light bulb moment.

I recall a HypoGal Blog that showcases where to find Growth Hormone financial help.

Immediately I call Eli Lily Humprtumpe bridge department. The bridge department helps Growth Hormone-deficient people pay for their Growth Hormone.

If you qualify for the Eli Lilly bridge program, you will receive $2400 of Growth Hormone financial support.

Unfortunately, I did not meet the Eli Lily bridge program guidelines.

Without the financial contribution from Eli Lily I am struck between three options:

  • Pay the $2421.43 for 18 cartilages
  • Pay $1200 for 4 cartilages
  • Not to take Growth Hormone

The three choices bounce around my mind.

I then think of a fourth option; the black/gray Human Growth Hormone market.

I read about where to find quality HGH from several Growth Hormone online groups.

I explore the overseas HGH websites and I instantly recognize the fourth option does not work for my landscape.

Looking for clarity about purchasing HGH I rattle off my Human Growth Hormone dilemma as my husband walks through the front door.

My husband is kind about my ambush of Human Growth Hormone questions.

He asks me if I would take the Growth Human if it were free?

Without hesitation I blurt.

He smiles and says it is more cost effective to purchase the 18 packages of Humatrope for $2421.43.

I exhale, and I tell him that he is correct.

However, I am upset that I have to pay a small fortune for one medication that may improve my life but does not resolve my ailments.

That evening I go to my local Savon’s pharmacy to pick up my Growth Hormone.

The Savon’s pharmacy is inside the Albertson’s supermarket.

As I try to purchase the Eli Lily Growth Hormone, my credit card does not go through. The error message reads,” above floor limit”.

The pharmacist asks me if my credit card is at its limits.

I reply no, but adds it feels like it.

I think about the error message and ask Steve if he has a floor limit.

Oh, that must be it, Steve says.

Steve speaks to the Albertson’s store manager and confirms the pharmacy’s floor limit is $2,000.

I decide to split the cost of Growth Hormone onto two credit cards.

How much does eli lilly growth hormone cost

As Steve places the 18 cartilages of Growth Hormone into a box for me, I begin to ask Steve additional questions about the Eli Lilly Growth Hormone costs.

I again question the amount my health insurance is paying for my Growth Hormone and how much the retail price is for the box of Growth Hormone I am about to carry home.

Steve finishes packing my Growth Hormone into a box and then types up the retail costs of the 18 Eli Lilly Growth Hormone, Humatrope Cartilages.

The exact amount Steve tells me for the Growth Hormone is a blur. I recall the retail price was over $19,000.00 and my health insurance was paying more than $9,000.00 of my Growth Hormone costs.

I take the 18 boxes of Human Growth Hormone home.

I think about the costs of the Growth Hormone and begin to laugh in disbelief.

My Eli Lilly Growth Hormone is the most expensive item I have in my house, and that includes my car.

I then mix the Eli Lilly Growth Hormone solution and inject the HGH into the fatty area of my stomach.

I hope the benefits of Growth Hormone will be worth the costs.

I would like to note the Eli Lilly Growth Hormone Humatrope is similar in price point to other Growth Hormone manufacturers.

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