Rehabilitation Houses Without Oversight In Ladera Ranch?

Rehabilitation Houses Without Oversight In Ladera Ranch?

Keep Our Children Safe

My HypoGal Blog post yesterday stirred various emotions between a friend and me. 

We have two polar  viewpoints on recovery home in residential neighborhoods. I do not feel comfortable nor do I desire a heroin rehabilitation house as my next door neighbor. However, my friend wrote to me that because the residents are in recovery, she would be fine with a rehabilitation home next to her house.

She went on to point out that everybody has the right to a lovely life and my desire to not want a drug or mental rehabilitation house as a next door neighbor is similar to people being prejudice towards African Americans in the 60’s. I strongly disagree with her discriminatory analogy. 

I  do not believe that people are prejudice if they do not want a rehabilitation home near their home.

Mental illness, alcohol, and drug addict are diseases. The people that suffer from these diseases need help. However, I have strong reasons why I would not want to raise my family next door to a rehabilitation house: 

  • Houses with Less Than 7  Residents Do Not Need Any License!  Anyone can open up a pop-up rehabilitation house. The rehabilitations house loophole is advertised online as a way to make quick and steady income.
  • Most Heroin addicts relapse within a week of rehabilitation life. I do not want statistically unstable people around my children or the dozens of children in our neighborhood.
  • I do not wish to live next to a transient venue. The average rehabilitation home stay is less than 60 days.

I am happy to live next door to people of  any race, gender, and religion. I do not feel it is prejudice to want a stable neighborhood or to have a voice that I do not want to reside next to a Pop-Up For Profit Rehabilitation House.

The pop-up rehab house across my girlfriend’s home was purchased for all cash by a foreign investor and is quickly being turned into a money mill. I am sure numerous rehabilitation homes have terrific intentions but one size does not fit all in this West Wild unregulated industry. 

I would like to point out that my girlfriend who differs with my opinion on rehabilitation housing is a caring, concerned person who works in the Social Services Industry. I applaud her for the work she has accomplished. She is truly an amazing, woman. 

As much as I respect her opinion  I do not feel people should be forced to have a Pop-Up rehabilitation house next door.  

The loophole  in the Fair Housing Act needs to be amended. All sizes of rehabilitation houses should be licensed and monitored.

 If we do not watch out for our children, who will?  

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