ObamaCare Gambles With Small Business Administration SBA

ObamaCare Gambles With Small Business Administration SBA

The ObamaCare Gamble

I do not like gambling. If you gamble with the knowledge you are going to lose, then I am OK with it. As long as the gambled loss funds are similar to money spent on a frivolous amazement park, movie out or a nice meal. I always remind my children that Las Vegas was not built from lost winnings. Someone has to pay for all that glitter, glamour and light bulbs.

When my husband decided to participate in on his annual football pool, I did not care, and I did not know. When he told me, he won I replied, won what? He informed me that small bills and checks would soon land in our mailbox. As his winnings began to hit our mailbox so did my husband’s desire to play the gamble forward.

As I sat on the couch with my children my husband walked through the door and he noted the weather had changed. I laughed, out loud because my husband is from Boston and he has lived the last twenty years in the Southern California weather. We always joke the California sunshine has thinned his blood. He went on to elaborate about the frigid morning air. We just stared at him. He looked at us and said, “you just do not understand how cold it was this morning.”

His next question seemed to drive home his point. He told the girls he would offer them one chance to guess the morning temperature in his car for $100.00. My husband proceeded to write down the number on and then fold a piece of paper.

Sidetracked, it took me a few minutes to digest my husband’s offer. My girls quickly understood his offer and blurted out their number. By the time, my mind processed means, modes and ranges of possible numbers, the guess was over.

Surprisingly, my oldest daughter guessed the number, 48. The early morning temperature in my husband’s car read 48 degrees. My husband confirmed she was correct when he unfolded the paper, and the paper showed the number 48. He smiled as he informed her that he did not have a hundred dollars on him, but he would soon make good on her correct answer.

As I watched the results of the game,  I was a bit disappointed that my girls did not forge a pack to split any possible winnings, but I said nothing. However, this was my husband’s game, and my oldest was the winner.

By the time my husband arrived home the next evening and me and the girls were already commingled in our family room. He walked through the door, called our oldest up to the kitchen counter, opened his wallet then placed five twenty-dollar bills into her hand. Without hesitation, I saw her quietly reach over to her sister and give her forty dollars.

I had my proud mommy moment when I asked, “Did you just give your sister a portion of the money?” Without hesitation she replied, oh course. I would hope she would not think twice about sharing with me.

My mind spun, I concluded I witnessed a mini lesson about giving. As a society, Americans are generous givers and we have a philanthropic spirit. There is irony that we are a country that spearheads generosity but does not have national health coverage. Fortunately, individual health care is available to United States citizens. Sadly, the soaring cost of medical insurance still prohibits health care to many.

It seems despotism to burden small businesses with the responsibility to argument our national health insurance plan. The United States government appears to gamble that our capitalistic society will fulfill the healthcare of its people.

Our government’s fiscal mismanagement is similar to many small businesses. The government agency SBA reported in 2014 that about half of all new established small businesses will not survive five years or more, and only one-third of small businesses will survive ten years or more. The SBA defines a small business as an independent business having fewer than 500 employees. I have little doubt small business high failure will increase due to ObamaCare health insurance.

I cannot comprehend how a government that is aware of high small business failure rates could intentionally burden an already fragile business structure. The Small Business Administration reported in 2011 that there were 28.2 million small companies and 17,700 firms with 500 employees or more. Alarmingly, 99.7 of United States employers are small businesses.

When you first read 99.7% you might wrongly assume small business owner can support additional taxes. However, the 99.7 % mistakenly provides an illusion of thriving small business environment. Surprisingly, three-quarters of small business were non-employers. From 2009-2013 small business accounted for sixty percent of net new jobs. However, half of these jobs disappeared after a year and two-thirds of the jobs are projected to vanish after ten years.

After small businesses fold the result for many workers is underemployment, various employers and a lack of funds to pay for high-cost health insurance.

Our government may have good intentions, but good intentions can cause unintentional consequences. Government good intentions contributed to Prohibition and the formation of powerful gangs, the good intentions of a World War Two Isolationist government caused the loss of millions of life’s, and the good intentions of national health coverage paid for by small business will contribute to small business failures.

Our society needs healthcare, but the good intention of our mismanaged government should not tax individuals for their entrepreneurial spirit. The governments overtaxed, good intention ObamaCare health insurance model needs to be improved.

If our government desires the availability of health care for all, then I would like to suggest a national flat tax on goods purchased. A person contributes to the tax by the goods they purchase. A flat tax would have equality for all and would not place an unfair burden of ObamaCare on small business owners. The government Small Business Administration that helps small business has statistically shown why ObamaCare health insurance appears to unfairly gamble the security of small business. Furthermore, Obamacare health insurance is a gamble most small business owner do not want to wager.

As the cliché goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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ObamaCare Gambles With Small Business Administration SBA

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