How I Struggle With Merry Hanukkah

How I Struggle With Merry Hanukkah

How I Struggle With Merry Hanukkah


How I Struggle With Merry Hanukkah

It happens every year, Merry Hanukkah. Each year I promise myself I will be better prepared, I will be able to relax, I will enjoy the special moments but every year I struggle with Merry Hanukkah.

Unfortunately, I have not learned enough from my past history.  I should know history repeats itself and my struggle with Merry Hanukkah continues…

Merry Chanukah for me is eight days of Chanukah with a large splash of Christmas celebration.

 The celebration of Merry Hanukkah warms my heart, creates treasured family memories but my body screams, slow down.

 I try to slow down, my body does linger yet my mind races.

My mind races as I  place my head on top of my pillow to sleep.  As my head lies on the pillow I can hear my mind scream, Check!, Done!, Add! and Forget About It!

The forget about it happens frequently. My mind thinks it has all of my to-do list stored but the reality is I have a serious case of brain fog- I forget.  I forget so much that I am unable to recall items added to my list that seems to never end.  

I have no doubt the list I have tried to commit to memory rambles thousands of pages.

From my ongoing list I have learned some valuable lessons:

  • Shop Early, Shop Online
  • Make a list- a written list
  • Gift bags are wonderful and ribbons/bows are nice but not necessary
  • It is OK to say, NO
  • Always have a couple of generic gifts ie. Costco movie tickets
  • More is not always Merry
  • Good Enough- is a brilliant motto
  • Costco sells terrific faux china plates and faux silverwear
  • Disposable Pop-Up kitchen sized trash cans are a must have

As the years pass my lessons learned grows and I am reminded why Merry Hanukkah is important to me; family.

So, with that written my struggle with Merry Hanukkah happily continues…

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