Tears Poured, New Years Resolution 2015

New Years 2015 Wishes of a Healthy and Happy Year!

New Years 2015 Wishes for a Healthy and Happy Year!

Tears Poured, New Years Resolution 2015

The tears poured, it is New Years Eve, my husband’s birthday and I am without my  teenage daughters. I am sad and upset because I felt it was not my choice.

My husband’s desire to bring in the New Year on his favorite corner spot on our family room sectional couch ruled out my other options.

On reflection, I should have shouted or screamed, “No, it is family time and or  years together are scarce. However, I went back to my appeasing non conformation ways and I agreed to stay home- boring. My mistake!!

There have been countless times in my life when I should have voiced objection to medical direction  yet I hesitated.

My hesitation has almost cost me my life, my sanity and my marriage.

My News Year resolution 2015 is for my voice to be heard a bit louder.

I am wishing you a very non eventful and Happy, Healthy 2015!

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