Unpredictable, Unimaginable And Unforgettable Moments Change Me



Unpredictable, Unimaginable And Unforgettable Moments Change Me

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Unpredictable, unimaginable and unforgettable sum up my motherhood journey.

The unpredictable component of motherhood is that I was naive to think I could not have a child with a serious medical condition nor that I would be stricken with a chronic illness. I have a new understanding that life happens.

My unimaginable part of motherhood is that I never thought I would not be able to care for my children physically. Again, life happens.

The unforgettable piece of being a mother, mom or mommy are the layers of small moments. When your child gives you their colorful crayon drawing, the endless tight hugs full of love, the sweet smell of their breath when they kiss you on the cheek. I feel blessed that life happens.

As the years pass so does my fondness to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I am still here to embrace the unforgettable moments with my daughter’s.

I have learned that life is unpredictable and that even in my wildest imagination I could not make up my life stories.

Cheers to Moms!

I hope your Mother’s Day was full of unforgettable moments!


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