Use Your Cell Phone for FREE with FreedomPop, Free Internet

Use Your Cell Phone for FREE with FreedomPop

FreedomPop’s mission is to deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans

I have always sought out the best value on goods and services. However, since a chronic illness altered my world, I realize the importance of finding the best value.

I understand if you have a serious illness or chronic disease your ability to earn a wage may be difficult.  You will need to find ways to cut life expenses.  

I have not used Freedompop’s  innovative service, but I am interested. I was about to set up my Apple 3 IPhone this evening with the Freedompop Cell Phone Plan. When I reviewed the list of phones Freedompop services, I sighed as my vintage IPhone 3 was not on the  FreedomPop’s Phone list. Even through my eight-year-old IPhone is not shown on the FreedomPop Phone List the FreedomPop Phone List offers an extensive list of celluar phones and tablets. 

A Sample of Some Phones That Are Compatible with FreedomPop

A Sample of Some Phones That Are Compatible with FreedomPop Service

100% Free Internet w/ FreedomPop Unlimited Nationwide WiFi

As I have noted, I have yet to try FreedomPop, but I have read numerous reviews. The reviews about FreedomPop seem to echo the same message:

  • The FreedomPop is terrific for light cell phone users.
  • FreedomPop offers the BEST PRICE of ALL Cell Providers
  • If you do not mind viewing a couple of ads, on your cell phone then you are able to talk for FREE!
  • No Activation Fees, No Termination Fees.

These are some of the downsides of the reviews I have read:

  • The quality is not rated as high as some of the top name brand carriers.
  • Their support is not in the top tier. 

However, I discovered that FreedomPop’s high-speed wireless internet service runs across Sprint’s LTE network, 4G WiMax, and 3G CDMA networks, so I question the quality of FreedomPop not being highly ranked.

Who Spearheads FreedomPop:

FreedomPop is a new wave telecom company launched publicly in October 2012. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico, Mangrove Capital, and DCM. Delivering unprecedented value and convenience to the mobile market, FreedomPop ensures that no American is left off the digital grid.



If you would like to SAVE MONEY and USE Your Cell Phone FOR FREE, then you should explore the FreedomPop cellular plans. 


FreedomPop Offers An iPhone 5 and 100% FREE Mobile Phone Service for only $199.00– No Activation Fees! (As a disclaimer, I believe the iPhone 5 offered are refurbished.)  Even if the phone is refurbished the offer is one of value, plus FREE Cell Phone Service. 


  100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ iPhone 5100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ iPhone 5

If you have tried FreedomPop, please let me know your thoughts. I hope this HypoGal Blog post has given you insight on How To Use Your Cell Phone for FREE with FreedomPop, Free Internet.  Please email me your insight


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