Why Do I Have Bruises On My Knuckles?

Why Do I Have Bruises On My Knuckles?

Happy New Year!

 My HypoGal body is consistent; my New Year begins similar to many past days in 2016.  It is January 1, 2017;

 a few minutes after 1:00 A.M and I am standing in front of my bathroom mirror staring at my knuckles.

I notice a thin purplish band around the top knuckle of each of my fingers. At first, I assume that the bruise-colored line around the tops of my fingers is residue from our New Years dinner. I wash my hands.

However, as I draw my fingers closer to my eyes, I am frustrated but not surprised that there is not food or any other products wrapping each of my knuckles.

Exhausted, spent and overwhelmed by rare diseases, limited treatments, I want to cry, scream and wave my invisible white flag through the air. Instead, I hear my voice ring with laughter.

My thoughts spin, it has only been about an hour after the New Year, and my body has not begun this New Year quietly. The symptoms from my numerous ailments seem like a fictional story. I am not looking to add new rare disease chapters.

Tired from a New Years celebration my exploration of Dr. Google begins the next day.

I type into Google a variety of keyword searches, bruised fingers, purplish knuckles, autoimmune disease blue knuckles; Relapsing Polychondritis bruised knuckles, and Ehlers-Danlos bruised knuckles.

After reading several website results, I quickly surmise that the purplish bands around my fingers are a symptom of some form of autoimmune disease, perhaps Raynaud Disease.

As I stare at my hands, I notice the purple bands around my knuckles have begun to disappear.

The light purple shadow around my knuckles reminds me that life is unpredictable, there are no guarantees, and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

So, cheers to a New Year.

If you know what causes bruised colored bands around your knuckles can you please share with me. You can email me at Lisa@HypoGal.com






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