Why Florinef Helps Secondary Hypopituitary Patients

Why Florinef Helps Secondary Hypopituitary Patients

does Flornief help Hypopituitary


Why Florinef Helps Secondary Hypopituitary Patients

As our family road trip progresses so does my fatigue, Relapsing Polychondritis flares and stress levels.

Along with the heat from warm, weather I have no doubt my stress level amplifies my fatigue.

I should not be stressed but my life outside of my comfort zone reminds me of my limitations. The desire of my heart and mind scream go, seek new adventures, and help your children spread their wings. Frustratingly, my body has 100% of the voting power.

I do not have that mind over body super powers. Trust me, I have tried…

Day 4 on Family Road Trip to Flagstaff- I wake up, I took my first steps out of the hotel bed and I immediately knew my body was not happy with my lifestyle.

As I stood the hotel room became to spin, my body shook, my heart beat pounded and I questioned how solid my feet are on the ground.

I find an immediate cure to my symptoms; I laid back down.

I immediately took a stress dose of steroids and then I sadly remember that I did not pack any additional Florinef.

My HypoGal body does not balance sodium and water well. My daily dose of Florinef offers my body the sodium it lacks. However, my Florinef daily dosage can be thrown off balance if the I am in the sun, walking or from the excursion of exercise.

Knowing that I had not brought additional Flornief my stress levels began to increase. Thankfully, I had a bottle of my plan B with me, Thermotabs.

Thermotabs are an inexpensive, terrific product that consist of sodium and other trace minerals. Immediately, I popped three Thermotabs into my mouth, chased by an eight ounces of water.

About an hour later the symptoms of dizziness began to slowly disappear. The lessons that summer heat is here resonated.

Sadly, when I was first diagnosed with Sheehan’s Syndrome several Endocrinologist told me that I did not need Florinef because I was not primary Addison’s.

I would disagree with these Endocrinologists and I would question the limited, outdated medical resources.

I asked these Endocrinologists if I do not need Florinef then why is my blood pressure so low, I am dizzy, I constantly crave items with sodium eg. Pickles, Salami and Diet Coke? (Look at the ingredients in a can of Diet Coke, it is all sodium.)

These medical doctors responses were all similar; I was told it was terrific my blood pressure rivaled a marathon runner and perhaps the depression creates dizziness.

Frustrated, I felt these Endocrinologists had not connected the dots so I went to see Dr. Theodore Friedman. With an open ear Dr. Friedman listened to my stories of salt cravings, my worries of dizziness and my request for Flornief.

With Dr. Theodore Friedman in agreement my daily use of Florinef began. It has been over a decade since Doctor Friedman added Flornief to my medical regime. I am thankfully, I went to an Endocrinologist who listened.

I have concluded that life with a rare disease varies from person to person, one size does not fit all, and Endocrinology information in medical books needs to be updated.

Dr. Friedman has an informational book about the Thyroid Gland. You can purchase Dr. Friedman’s All About The Thyroid Gland from the link below;

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If you are interested in learning more about the  Thermotabs then please click on the photo below:

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