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HypoGal and Disability Benefits

Everyone thinks that disability, like any of life’s difficulties, will always happen to the other person.

Take control of your future with attorney-at-law David Gorlick’s must-read guide, HypoGal and Disability Benefits. Driven by his wife’s experience with chronic illness, David shares his wife’s medical odyssey and how she received more than one million dollars in disability benefits. David has studied the complicated maze of social security disability insurance for more than ten years. Armed with knowledge and experience, he shares the following must-have information:

  • How much money you can receive each month from Social Security Disability Insurance
  • A step-by-step guide to applying for Social Security Disability Insurance online
  • How to choose a disability attorney and why you shouldn’t pay your attorney before your case is settled
  • The monthly monetary differences between government and private disability insurances

HypoGal and Disability Benefits takes all the confusing details and frustrating questions about disability insurance and streamlines them into an easy-to-read handbook.

This book includes a valuable list of government programs, provides information on how to apply for these programs, and gives you valuable forms. These helpful forms include:

  • A Statement from Friends and Family
  • Medical Checklist
  • Statement from the Attending Physician

Don’t be part of the 70 percent of Social Security applicants who are denied benefits on their first application. Empower yourself with HypoGal and Disability Benefits.

HypoGal and Disability Benefits Gives You Powerful Information at a Low Kindle Price of $2.99:

HypoGal and Disability Benefits: Learn How She Received Over A Million Dollars In Disability Benefits And How You Can Too…

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