A Wedding Vow; Young Love With A Chronic Illness

The last ten months have caused me to focus on me, what I want, and what I deserve.

My pause is a rebalance of my marriage, health issues, and of course, the Coronavirus.

With this explanation written, here is my short poem, A Wedding Vow, Young Love With A Chronic Illness.


A Wedding Vow, Young Love With A Chronic Illness

Young love, a full heart and an almost-husband to be

I said I do, I intent, and my promise to thee.

Our young, immature love was full of glee.

Marrying you was never a decision for me.

As my wishes became granted, our storybook changed.

I yearned for our direction to remain.

With indecision, our marriage led from two, three, then four.

In my years of illness, all I could wish for is more.

To the outside world, our promises seemed intact.

Yet, I know my inaccuracies failed to voice or to earn my vows back.

Two decades have passed; our darkness causes my love to turn into night.

In Flagstaff, I finally understood that my bark has no bite.

The marriage vow that states in sickness and in health some people take light

Yet, I still wonder what if?

Fast forward ten months, my night turns into day.

Today my what if turns in a new direction.

My decision changes direction a new construction has begun.

With our new blueprint, perhaps young love can turn into an old love.



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