I’m The Girl That Talks To Her Mom Every Day Blog Post

I’m The Girl That Talks To Her Mom Every Day Blog Post causes me to comment quickly, I Love It!

I am The Girl That Talks To Her Mom Everyday

I love the, “ I’m the girl that talks to her mom every day blog post, by Abby Elise Blackwell, bravo. I truly adore the fact that my daughter sent the blog link to me.

My mother daughter relationship with my oldest child is woven from years of uncertainty, a parade of caregivers and my concerns that no child should have to endure my daughter’ journey.

We all have stories, but my new motherhood story is one based on naive beyond my years. I never dreamt I would have an ill child nor would I become chronically ill from childbirth.

I feel well versed in life lessons. Oh, how you can plan, try to do everything right yet all goes so wrong. A lesson I have learned over and over.

As my life lessons are learned, seasons change, wisdom branches and the landscape evolves.

With time, effort and love a new story emerges, a different story, a better story. A story of compassion, empathy, sympathy, and maturity.

With gratitude, honor, and pride I am my daughter’s mother.

Here is the link to: I’m The Girl That Talks To Her Mom Every Day

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