“It Is What It Is”

Disability Insurance

“It Is What It Is”

“It Is What It Is”

“It Is What It Is”, reads the inscription on the silver plated cuff link bracelet my girlfriend presented to me last night at her Super Bowl Party. The inscription message on the bracelet is always close to my heart and is one of the most valuable life lessons I have learned. The message, “It Is What It Is It Is” represents to me:

  • Acceptance
  • Realization that you need to move forward
  • Life Events are out of your control

You may not have control over life events but you can try to be prepared. It is extremely unfortunate that I have had to struggle with a chronic illness for over a decade but I realize how fortunate I was to have Disability Insurance. It is smart to prepare for the worse but hope for the best.  And, at the end of the day, most events are out of your control and, “It Is What It Is.”

Thank You, J for the bracelet; I Love It!

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