My Husband’s Long Journey With My Chronic Illness

My Husband’s Long Journey With My Chronic Illness

How my husband deals with my Relapsing Polychondritis

My husband’s long journey with my chronic illness feels never ending to me.

So, I can’t even imagine how my husband feels.

This is the marriage neither one of us thought would be our world but it is.

I know my husband worries about me 24/7.

Sometimes at night I catch him putting his finger under me nose to see if I am breathing or he shakes me if I am gasping for air.

On these nights my husband reminds me of a mother constantly checking to make sure their new born is alright.

I have no doubt my chronic life threatening medical conditions have taken a toll on him.

I feel terrible for the stress, my lack of function and the medical bills I have brought into our family.

I realize it is not my fault and it is what is.

But, still I have a hole in my heart for the marriage that never was, what I might have been and what we would have been together.


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