Push Through Your Chronic Illness

can you push through a chronic illness



Push Through Your Chronic Illness?

I read a reply post that states, I just push through my chronic illness and work full time.

Another member agrees with the push through your chronic illness comment.

I read the post again.

I must be missing something?

My rare disease leaves my body unable to handle stress, an energy level that is on empty, and sleeping is my full-time job.

So, how can a person who some days barely functions just push through a serious chronic illness to work full time?

I am in disbelief. 

The push through your chronic illness post replies to a woman’s question about work.

A lady in one of my online group, politely inquires how many of us can work.

I am new to this online support group.

In the other online support groups, I belong to we offer our input, support, and experiences.

The replies to this lady’s question are all over the board.

It does not surprise me that our replies vary.

Unfortunately, there are numerous people who have this disease accompanied with other challenging health issues.

I am delighted that some women with this disease are well enough to work full time.

It is the,” I just push through my chronic illness comments”, that alarm me.

If people in my online rare support group do not always understand how the disease devastates my body then how can the everyday person?

These people who state they push through their disease jot my core.

Another online member writes she works to feel balanced in life.

If I seem angry, bitter and disappointed, I am.

My pushing through this disease is similar to telling someone in a wheelchair to get up and start running.

The desire to leave the online community support conversion was outweighed by my need to explain how poorly my body has failed me.

As I type away my reply, a sadness fills me.

I respond with an appropriate comment, but I want to say, really push through it? I guess I should just wish the disease away too.

If people with the same rare disease are not able to comprehend that the disease affects each person differently, then I wave the white flag.

Most of us with this rare disease understand how difficult this disease is to diagnose, treat and explain to family.

I am aware of the bittersweetness that tags along with this rare invisible disease.

An invisible disease can be difficult for most people to comprehend and accept.

I naively used to believe if a person looks good then they are healthy.

My mind could not comprehend that a person may look healthy but is ill.

I was wrong.

A person’s looks can deceive and so does an invisible illness.

A disease and the treatment of the disease may affect people differently.

One size does not fit all.

I may not be able to push through my rare disease, but I can press on.

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