What Do I Deserve?

What Do I Deserve?

HypoGal What Do I Deserve

What do I deserve? The answer to, “What do I deserve?” does not have clarity.

I seek clarity from my brain fogged, chronically ill world.

As the years past I understand why some people do not talk about their past. Sad times, unsettling moments create a selective memory.

Today the realization of selective suppression causes a domino effect of my emotions. I find a cascade of dysfunctional melancholy as I wrestle with what do I deserve?

My life with a chronic illness continuously causes me to cast shadows on my intent, question my actions and my self-worth. I comprehend these are not characteristics that flatter one’s self, but it is an honest assessment.

I struggle with the limit of my choices, the cost of medical care, and the facade of looking well.

Bittersweetly, the power to play it forward answers my question, Why Me?

However, I am still in search of, “What Do I Deserve?”


Dear, Do I Deserve You?


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Many Thanks In Advance 🙂 

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