Best 2017 Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime and Streaming

Best 2017 Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime, and Streaming

Best 2016 Netflix Movie LIst


I have found myself watching thousands of hours of television and movies over the years. Life with a chronic illness often leaves me with little options.

I frequently find myself tired but not sleepy, not strong enough to be active, too little cognitive brain function to be social and I just need to relax. 

So my chronic illness is how my Love for Apple TV began. 

Apple TV allows me to enter limitless program options. 

Unfortunately, I realize others need the same option. Numerous people have asked me what movies or television series I have watched.

Here is HypoGal’s Best 2016 Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime, Television, and Streaming List:

(Please note the number 10 is my highest ranking and 1 is the lowest.) All the movies and television series are just my opinion. So here it is…


Netflix Movies and Television Series 
Breaking Bad 8               Gossip Girl 8                                           Words 8                                 Zoo 7 
Citizen X 8                        Covert Affairs 7                                      Drop Dead Diva 7               Prison Break 7
The Last Ship 8               Ozark   9                                                     Colony 8                               The Crown 8

HBO Television Series
Silicon Valley 9

Apple Television Series and Movies 
Eye In The Sky 7                                  Joy 8                                               Major Crime 7                 The Strain 7
The Cartel 8                                          White Chapel 7                            The Judge 5                     Shameless 7
Catfish 9                                                 The Gift 7                                       The Reader 8
Cloverfield 13 7                                    The State of Jones 7                   Tyrant 8

Amazon Television Series and Movies 
The High Castle 9
In Justice 7                                          The Gift 8

Hulu Television and Movies
SPU law and order 7                        Shark Tank 7
Designated Survivor 8                    Murder In The First 7                  Grey Anatomy 7 Practice 6                                             Chicago Med 7                                 Notorious 6
Scandal 5                                              Wayward Pines 7                           Mockingjay 7
AirForce One 8                                  The Hunt For Red October 8
Bridget Jones 7                                  The Slap 8 The Good Wife 8
The Silence Of The Lambs 8
Double Jeopardy 5                           Saved 7
Enough 4                                             The Ides Of March 8                 Taken 7

The Art Of More 5                            The Chosen 6                               A Few Good Men 6
Jerry Maguire 8
Spanglish 6                                          Start Up 8                                    The Box 6

Billionaires 8                                     Homeland 9

Grantchester 7
Poldark 8

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