Random Act of Kindness Is Played Back

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Random Act of Kindness Is Played Back

When I hear about random acts of kindness it makes me smile.  So, I thought I would put a smile on someone’s face by rolling their grocery cart over to them.

As I began to pull out of my parking space at the market I notice a grocery cart full of groceries. The grocery cart lines up diagonal to my car and edges up against a cement planter.

I thought it was odd for someone to leave a cart full of groceries? Groceries are expensive

Groceries are expensive and usually requires a sufficient amount of time and energy to shop. I quickly scan the empty parking lot for a would be grocery shopper but there is not a shopper to be found.

I am concerned for the person missing the groceries. I decide to park my car and roll the food filled grocery cart back to the market.  As I approach the cart and I feel a bit apprehensive; I glance around the parking lot, again.  It was disappointing that the groceries rightful owner where no way to be seen.

I begin to look at the merchandise in the bags. My eyes quickly dart to the French banquette sitting on top of a bag. I think, yummy.  I remind myself, that the grocery owner would be delighted if I brought their food back to the market.

 I walk back to the grocery store, I curiously look into one of the grocery bags.  Wow, I think. This person knows just what I need in my pantry. Then, I heard the sound of my voice echo in deep belly laughter.

The grocery cart is filled with my groceries! In my brain fogged world I had forgotten to put the groceries in my car.

My random act of kindness reminds me that you never know who you will help when you play it forward.

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