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Takata Airbag Recall 

A couple weeks ago my mother anxiously told me that she is driving a Camry rental car. She went on to explain the airbag on her Lexus had been recalled.

My reply, “The Takata Air Bag recall is that serious?”

Immediately, my mother educated me about:
The deaths from the airbags
How there may be ten of millions of automobiles with these faulty air bags Drivers with Takata airbags should not drive with anyone in the passenger seat.
The replacement airbags may not be available until after January 2017.

“Oh, I am sorry to learn people have died from the Takata airbag,” I said.

My mom, ” people died in a horrific way from the Takata airbags. The airbags can explode and shreds of scrap metal spray throughout the car.”

With an alarming tone, I said, ” I am glad you were proactive.”

A couple days after the Takata airbag conversation with my mother I received a Takata Airbag Recall letter from Mazda Corporation.

I do not place much importance on manufacturer’s solicitation letters. However, my treatment of this letter from Mazda Corporation was different.

As I read the Takata Airbag Recall letter my conversation with my mother words flew through my mind. 

Click on ” Takata Airbag Recall recall letter ” to view my airbag recall letter from Mazda Corporation. 

The section of the Takata Recall Letter that concerned me the most was the BOLD SENTENCE that stated Do Not Allow Anyone To Sit In The  Passenger Seat until the Airbag Issue has been corrected. 

What? Ugh? Really? Negligent? Dangerous! Were the words that immediately came to mind. 

If passengers should not ride in the passenger seat of the affected Takata Airbag vehicles then What About The Drivers Seat?

The Deadly Takat Airbags inserted into the passenger’s dashboard side are the SAME Airbags on the driver’s side. 

If passengers should not sit in the passenger seat of a faulty Takata Airbag vehicles then why should anyone drive a vehicle with faulty airbag? 

A surprising investigation into deaths, accidents with the  Takata Airbag goes back over a decade. 

Over the past decade, the Takata Airbags have been the cause of horrific deaths. Many of these people would have survived if the Takata airbag had not killed them.

The Takata Airbag Recall letter I received stated the Takata may rupture and metal may strike the driver and or passenger. 

Images of a homemade deadly bomb ran through my mind as I read more about the flying scrap metal.

If you want to find out if your vehicle is on the recall list then click on the following link, Safercar.gov . You will have to enter your vehicle identification number into the SaferCar.Gov website. 

A vehicle identification number is also known as a VIN. You can find the VIN number on your vehicle’s upper left side of the dashboard or on the inside panel of the driver’s door. 

Thankfully, the Mazda Corporation is paying for my rental vehicle until my Mazda CX-9 airbags are replaced. 

My HypooGal ride is now a seven seater Dodge Journey. The Journey engine does sound similar to a lawn mower when I accelerate on the highway. But, overall, I have been happy with the Dodge Journey comfort and performance.  

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