Why I Take Janssen Pharmaceuticals Blood Thinner Xarelto

HypoGal Why I Take Janssen Pharmaceuticals Blood ThinnerBLOOD THINNER XARELTO

Why I Take Janssen Pharmaceuticals Blood Thinner Xarelto

After my husband and I watch several male celebrity athletic share their positive experience with Xarelto, my husband comments to me that I should be on the Xarelto commercial.

I tell my husband that is an excellent idea. I would love to be in a Xarelto commercial.

I want women of all ages to know that for over the past four years I have successfully taken Xarelto to prevent additional pulmonary embolisms.

I have chronic pulmonary emboli.

Xarelto Is A Game Changer For Me

Before I began Xarelto, I had to inject Lovenox into the fat of my stomach or thighs twice a day.

I have chronic pulmonary emboli. I am Warfarin resistant, so the expensive Lovenox was my only option.

My Lovenox Experience

Lovenox the most painful injection I have ever taken.

The Lovenox injection consists of a large thick needle that painfully sends a liquid medication into your body to help prevent embolisms.

With each Lovenox injection comes an enormous dark blue, blackish bruise around the injection site.

Numerous times the Lovenox injection would leave me with a bruise five inches long and a couple of inches wide.

The bruises from Lovenox injections linger on my skin for months. Several of the bruises take up to six months to disappear.

The different fat portions of my body resemble a quilt of black and blue patches.

Besides the nasty bruises from the Lovenox injections, the injection itself was painful.

The pain from the Lovenox injection was not the type of pain you image from a shot.

As the Lovenox needle enters the intramuscular fatty area, you can feel the fire-like sensation from the medication.

The thickness of Lovenox needle reminds me of quilting needle.

So, it is easy to understand how excited I am to take Xarelto instead of Lovenox.

Why Xarelto (Health Reference)

Xarelto is a blood thinner that I can take orally.

Are There Risk To Taking Xarelto?

Yes, similar to most prescription medication there are risks to taking Xarelto.

Xarelto’s most serious adverse effect is bleeding, including severe internal bleeding. However, Xarelto is associated with less fatal bleeding events than Warfarin.

Also, people who use Warfarin have to measure the number of greens they eat daily and have lab tests to confirm Warfarin’s effectiveness.

It has been over four years since I began taking Janssen Pharmac, Xarelto and I am thankfully for the medication.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals if you are looking for a middle-aged woman that uses Xarelto to be in one of the commercials, I am the one.

I am not an athletic star, but Xarelto offers me a better quality of life.

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