HypoGal Shares Nine Life Lesson Quotes

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HypoGal Shares Nine Life Lesson Quotes;

  • Good Enough 


  • There Are Always Strings


  • Pain Does Not Make Me Stronger, Just Different


  • You Do Not Get It Until You Get It


  • If Misery Loves Company Then I am Alone 


  • Sometimes People Are Exactly Like You See Them


  • Your Actions Always Make Your Words Clear


  • Play It Forward So Others Do Not Have To Rewind


Lastly, It Is What It Is 


It Is What It Is is my HypoGal World. 

I have spoken, shared, writtten, embraced the It Is What It Is quote for decades. 

The It Is What It Is quote did not originate from me. 

I am not sure how this quote become incorporated into my HypoGal World.  

Yet, the It Is What Is quote sums up my life.  


You must deal with the cards you are dealt. 

Try to make Lemonade out of Lemons even if you do not have a Lemon Tree. 



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