How To Read Your Lab Results?

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How To Read Your Lab Results?


Life with Sheehan’s Syndrome has taught me the importance of how to read your lab results.

My wide range of abnormal lab results was not a surprise to me or my Endocrinologist last week. 

As my Endocrinologist looks at my lab results I eagerly chirp, how do my labs look?

My Endocrinologist who has known me for over a decade grins at me and says, your labs are good.

I have to laugh as I repeat, my labs are good?! 

My Endocrinologist smiles as he replies, well good for you. You have numerous issues going on, complicated.  He goes on to inquire about how I am doing and if I have any questions.

I Immediately I mention my chronic fatigue.

He replies, I thought the Low Dose Naltrexone was helping you?

I answer, I think LDN helps with my brain fog, energy level, but it ‘s hard to measure.  I believe Low Dose Naltrexone brings health benefits, but I think LDN has brought me to a new low energy level or layer. 

My Endocrinologist goes on to tell me he is not aware of any other treatment, and he hands me my labs. 

I thank my Endocrinologist for his time and schedule an appointment to have my labs drawn in a couple of months. 

When I arrive home from my doctor’s office, I view my lab results and note several abnormal lab tests.

After years of reading my lab results, it is easy for me to interpret my lab results scream; my body is Hypo. 

Hypo- means my body does not produce enough hormones. 

I may have the hormones in my body, but my pituitary gland does not function.

I frequently compare the pituitary gland to a car ignition. A car may have a full tank of gas, terrific brakes, a good engine but if the ignition is brakes, the car will not start. You are going nowhere.

My ignition has broke, and my pituitary gland fails to release the necessary hormones needed to survive. It did not surprise me when I read my lab results showed my TSH at 0.

My pituitary gland does not signal my thyroid gland to release T4 or T3.  The high Cholesterol represents my body does not break down carbohydrates correctly.

As I finish reading the rest of my labs, it is easy to me to interpret my lab results scream, Hypopituitarism.  

I would like to note that my FSH has tilted off the lab range. If the lab circled above high results, then a red circle would be seen.

My Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone levels are too low to be noted by the lab. 

I know what my high FSH lab results accompanied with my low Estradiol,  Testosterone, Progesterone levels relate to; Premature Ovarian Failure  I most likely have a Secondary Amenorrhea.

The etiology Secondary Amenorrhea is often unknown. A percentage of Secondary Amenorrhea have an association with autoimmune disease.

My life with a chronic illness has taught me a better understanding of how to read lab results. Besides typing my lab result into Dr. Google, I use LabTestsOnline. Lab Test Online is a terrific resource that enables a person to understand lab abbreviations, interpret lab results and read about treatments. 


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