What Is Stress?

What Is Stress?


Stress is a physical response that comes from the body’s instinctive responds to “fight or flight” situations.

Fight or flight events occur when the body interprets your normal routines have been disturbed.

Fight or flight events cause the body to physically respond with a rush of adrenaline and several other hormones.

The burst of these hormones into the body causes the body’s heart rate to accelerate, breathing to increase and alerts the body to danger.

We may not need to flight or flee from predators as our ancestors but we have stress in our modern day. Stress can be triggered during difficult decisions and traumatic events.

The hormones the body needs to cope with stress can not be produced by most people who have pituitary diseases and Addison’s diseases.

Individuals that have pituitary gland and adrenal diseases that effect cortisol output must take steroids to survive.

I have Hypopituitarism by way of Sheehan’s Syndrome and I need steroids to survive. Everyday I take Prednisone and I need to adjust my dosage as my body stressors increase.

I have found that I am unable to deal well with emotional stress and I am constantly trying to find ways to eliminate stress from my life.

My elimination of stress is a process. I do not want stress in my life. Because I do not handle my relationship with stress well; I have decided to break up with stress.

Dear Stress,

I have been patient, given you time but our relationship has not changed.

You have helped me grow in so many ways but I am no longer a good fit for you.

You need to find someone who can appreciate you more than I do. We need to see other people. So, it is time for us to Break Up!


P.S. I realize we have broken up dozens of times but I really do not need you anymore.

I realize my break up letter is wishful thinking but I am trying to find ways to decrease the stress in my life.

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