Why You Need A Doctor’s Referral?



Where To Find Your Tire Model and Size


Why You Need A Doctor’s Referral?

Squeak, squeak, grind noise bounced through my car each time I stepped on the brake. Within a couple of hours, my car brakes rapidly deteriorated. I needed to have my brakes immediately inspected. After reading several online reviews I was fortunate to find Mission Viejo Transmission and Auto Repair  and they were open on Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon, my bank account was lighter but I was delighted my car brakes were fixed. The gentleman who wrote up my vehicle service contract mentioned to me that I would most likely need new two tires in a few months.

Ugh. I  have little doubt the kind-hearted gentleman instantly read my facial expression. I quickly inquired where I could purchase my highly priced tires at competitive price points. He smiled and asked me if I knew what type of tire I needed.

I prompted replied, “not the real expensive tires.” He then informed me that each tire has a model number on the outside of the tire. I must have stared at him like a deer in highlights because he followed up by saying he would happily show me the codes on my tires.

As he showed me where my tire model, type, and style was located on the tire my head spun with realization. Each industry had their own slang, terms, short cuts and go to vendors. To navigate the automotive landscape successfully a person needs to know car lingo. In order to successfully navigate through the shortness of most  McDonald drive through  like doctor appointments, decode prescriptions and comprehend a follow-up plan you need to educate yourself.

Successful service outcomes are dependent on whether you have educated yourself. Similar to finding a good automobile mechanic it is best to ask others who they would recommend as a doctor referral and why? This is why you need a doctor’s referral.

Like so much in life, the least expensive doctor or medical plan may not be the best for you. Sometimes you have to pay more. However,  you may be able to find a valuable doctor within your medical plan. But, you need to ask around.s,

If you are not able to find a doctor from a personal referral then I would suggest that you look online at reviews.  Reviews are not always accurate but a strong trend in reviews may offer you guidance. Personally, I do not think a doctor’s skills should be penalized if they run late. Doctors are pulled in so many different directions, emergency calls, critically ill patients, medication authorization, notes on each patient and the list goes on… I would rather wait for a talented doctor than spend my time going to different types of ologist.

The more you are able to learn about your health concerns the better equipped you will be to find answers. The cliché, knowledge is power, is true.

As a side note, I would like to give a shout out to Mission Viejo Transmission and Auto Repair for the FREE Girls In The Shop program they offer the first Wednesday of each month.

I hope this HypoGal Blog post has given you a better understanding of Why You Need A Doctor’s Referral. 

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