Finalists for Toyota TeenDrive365 2015 Video Challenge

Take 5 Experiment , Toyota TeenDrive365 2015 Challenge

Take 5 Experiment , Toyota TeenDrive365 2015 Challenge

Your Likes, Thumbs Up and Comments on my daughter’s TeenDrive 365 Toyota YouTube Video were appreciated and I want to say, Thank You.

Unfortunately, the TeenDrive365 video my daughter submitted did not make the Toyota TeenDrive 365 2015 finalist. My daughter’s TeenDrive 365 video showcased her, “Take Five Experiment” along with her “Solution to Text and Driving”. I am proud of my daughter’s efforts and I applaud the 10 Toyota TeenDrive 365 Videos finalists.

I conveyed to my daughter that even through her video was not chosen as a TeenDrive 365 2015 Finalist her video will promote awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. I also reminded her that there is always next year’s contest that she needs to continue to move forward and remember to play it forward.

The TeenDrive 365 Video finalists definitely played it forward with their skillfully delivered videos that resonated the message; distracted driving is not worth the risk.

My favorite finalist videos are Safely Ever After and Take Your Own Advice. You can watch and vote for your favorite finalist video from this link:

If you would like to watch my daughter’s, Take 5 TeenDrive 365 Video you can click, HERE.

Alarmingly, 11 people die each day as a result of texting and driving. The average time spent reading or sending a text is five seconds. If you were driving at 55 mph you would travel the length of a football field in five seconds. So please, “Take 5 Out Of Your Drive”. Do Not Text and Drive.

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