How Go Fund Me Helps Sheehan’s Syndrome Woman

How Go Fund Me Helps Sheehan’s Syndrome Woman

Countless days over the past couple of decades Judith Auslander has felt frustrated, alone and scare as she battles with the rare chronic disease, Sheehan’s Syndrome.

Sheehan’s Syndrome is caused by extreme loss of blood during child-birth. The massive loss of blood may cause neurosis of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls essential hormones that control the body’s function. Without a functioning pituitary gland a person must take daily medications to mimic the hormones the pituitary gland would release.

It can be extremely difficult for a woman with Sheehan’s Syndrome to replicate the hormones the pituitary gland releases throughout the day. Judith Auslander is a Sheehan’s Syndrome patient that has a difficult time with the balance of her medication. Her local doctors have not been able to control her deteriorating health with medication.

The side effects and lack of correct combination of medications have caused Judith to continuously battle erratic heart rate, tremendous hair loss, weight gain without much caloric intake, unbearable fatigue without much activity Judith extreme fatigue and numerous other serious medical symptoms have caused the her to have large employment gaps and her resources are limited.

Judith is advocating for herself by raising funds to see a pituitary specialist, Dr. Theodore Friedman in Los Angeles.  In order,  to see this pituitary specialist she needs airfare, hotel funds, doctor fees and lab costs.

Judy AuslanderDue to her limited resources she is bravely reaching out to raise funds to cover her medical expenses. Any amount toward Judith’s Go Fund Me campaign will help her fund needed medical treatment. By any amount, I mean even a couple of dollars would be greatly appreciated.

If you could buy Judith a cost of a cup of Joe it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to Judith’s Go Fund Me:

Thank you for playing it forward.

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