What Is The Best Growth Hormone Insufficiency Treatment?

What Is The Best Growth Hormone Product Insufficiency Treatment? 

This question lingers in my mind. Several months ago I had a phone interview with a woman who represented Kanter Media.

Kanter Media had been obtained by a pharmaceutical company to interview users of Growth Hormone. Kanter Media chose to interview me because I have used the Growth Hormone, Humathrope (Manufactured by Lily) for over ten years without any serious side effects.

Most evenings I inject a small dosage of the Growth Hormone, Humatrope into one of my thighs or abdomen.

The Humthrope Growth Hormone injection is delivered through a small needle attached to a delivery pen device.

The delivery pen is about six inches long by a half-inch wide. The Humpthrope injections are not painful but I do have a high tolerance to pain.

The professional interviewer from Kanter Media asked me dozens of questions about my experience with Growth Hormone medication. The Kanter Media interviewer was professional and she reinforced to me that there were no wrong or right answers, just my opinion.

Of course, I had lots of opinions about Growth Hormone replacement treatment:

  • The Humanthrope Growth Hormone I use needs to be mix with another liquid. It would be easier to use the Humanthrope Growth Hormone product if I did not need to mix the two solutions together.
  • It would be awesome if  the Humanthrope, Growth Hormone treatment I use did not need to be refrigerated.
  • The exorbitant cost of Growth Hormone medication makes Growth Hormone treatment out of reach for many Growth Hormone Insufficient individuals.
  • There needs to be additional education about adult Growth Hormone deficiency treatment to Endocrinologist.
  • Programs to educate Growth Hormone consumers on how to navigate the insurance maze.
  • If Growth Hormone manufacturers have bridge programs (financial assistance) then they should create awareness of their program.
  • There needs to be public awareness that Growth Hormone treatment is not a fad medical or the fountain of youth. Growth Hormone is essential and vital for Growth Hormone deficiency individuals.

The representative from Kanter Media had an open ear and she listened patiently to my suggestions. After my numerous suggestions the interviewer asked me several questions:

  • Would I prefer to use a Growth Hormone product that just had to be injected once a week?
  • I asked, is there a catch? A larger needle? The interviewer reply, yes. The needle would be sufficiently larger than the needle I currently use.
  • The interviewer then asked if I would be willing to use a larger needle if the injection would only need to be taken once a week? I prompted reply, no. Surprised, interviewer asked, why not? I went on to point out that I would prefer a small painless injection daily than the pain from a much larger needle. I then conveyed to the interviewer that I inject other medications daily from a larger needle and the injections are painful.
  • I also did not feel that a parent would want to inject their Growth Hormone Insufficient children with a larger needle.

As I ended the interview I let the interviewer know how much I appreciated the pharmaceutical efforts to improve the delivery system of Growth Hormone treatment.

It is nice to know that pharmaceutical companies are listening to the input of their consumers.

I am not sure what the best Growth Hormone Insufficiency treatment is but as I wrote earlier, I have used Humanthrope for over a decade without any complications.

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