Help CaringBridge Ladera Ranch Teenage Cancer Survivor Attend College With Your Free Vote


Help CaringBridge Ladera Ranch Teenage Cancer Survivor Attend College With Your Free Vote

Help CaringBridge Ladera Ranch Teenage Cancer Survivor Attend College With Your Free Vote

I am a fan of the CaringBridge Organization.

Who Is CaringBridge Organization?

The CaringBridge Organization is a nonprofit that offers a website to help keep family and friends updated during a difficult time.

Through CaringBridge’s ad-free website you can share news, updates with everyone at the same time.

The CaringBridge website offers a wide array of resources tools that include a task planner and the ability to set up a personal fundraiser.

I began reading about the health hurdles of a fantastic Ladera Ranch, young girl Katie years ago.

Wyzant Scholarship Contest 

Katie who goes by Catherine in this Wyzant scholarship contest was a young girl of beauty and faith the first time she was diagnosed with cancer.

Sadly, Katie has been diagnosed with cancer more than once.

Through the CaringBridge Organization website, I have followed Katie’s health journey.

Katie’s rollercoaster journey with cancer is heartbreaking, empowering, tragedic and inspiring.

This remarkable young girl has endured years of cancer treatment, cancer remission, cancer treatment and cancer remission.

I believe Katie can be a remarkable teenager because her family provides her with unconditional love and support.

Our entire Ladera Ranch community loves Katie.

I feel as if I know Katie and her family through years of reading her mother’s Mary Kay CaringBridge website journey entries.

As I look at Katie aka KitKat website today, I see that Mary Kay began sharing Katie’s story August 07, 2009 and Katie’s website page has had 588,155 visits.

This young girl of beauty and faith has grown into a stunning, young woman who graduated with honors, Valedictorian.

This young woman’s faith enabled her to endure chemo, hospital stay, labs, tests, more tests and still graduate with Honors.

Wow, Katie is remarkable!

Katie needs your help to win the Wyzant scholarship.

I want to share Katie a.k.a. Catherine’s Wyzant scholarship essay with you and I ask that you, please vote for Katie at the end of this HypoGal Blog post.

So here is Katie’s essay:

Essay by Catherine in Ladera Ranch, CA

The Naked Truth

Alone in the house, still wet from my shower, I stare at the mirror naked, powerless for over an hour.

My nose is too big; my ears stick out, Too many freckles, my smile turns to a pout. Frail, skinny, scared, and weak, Strong, determined, tenacious, I can’t speak.

Seventeen years, I’ve loved, I’ve fought, I’ve won, I’ve lost, Chemo, radiation, keep me alive, but at what cost?

I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m scared, I’m a mess, I’m joyful, I’m hopeful, Come on Katie, you got this!!!

Voices in my head shouting, you can’t, you won’t, GIVE UP, QUIT!!

Voices in my heart, whispering, you can, you will, keep moving, find that inner grit.

Seasons of heartache, depression, isolation, Seasons of Disney, travel, elation!

Who am I? Who do I want to be?

Unbreakable, healthy, anxiety-free!! Quiet, calm, at peace, reflective, This is the only me I have, I must be more protective Gazing at this girl before me, tears running down my face, Blurred image of a child, I need to embrace.

Faith, courage, forgiveness, acceptance, and power, I walk away comforted, still damp from the shower.

This is the weblink to Catherine’s essay. 

Please click on the above web link and vote for Catherine’s essay.

Many thanks in advance.

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