Home & Family Hallmark Promotes Sheehan’s Syndrome Awareness

Home and Family Hallmark Channel Promotes Sheehan's Syndrome

Home and Family Hallmark Channel

Home & Family Hallmark Promotes Sheehan’s Syndrome Awareness

I was surprised, happy and excited to learn the Home & Family Hallmark Channel had chosen me for one of their GLAM makeovers.

My sweet stylish sister, Denise Weaver had nominated me to the Home & Family Hallmark Channel for a much-needed makeover.

My sister Denise has a fabulously successful Public Relation Company, Pistol & Stamen and is always up to date with the latest everything.

She knew my out of date frumpy wardrobe, everyday ponytail hairstyle and my lack of cosmetic knowledge shouted,”GLAM makeover.”

I have no doubt I need a GLAM makeover. My medical conditions have placed my GLAM on the back burner. I am sure my lack of fashion is similar to many others with a serious chronic illness.

Most days I just try to make it through and my appearance is the least of my concerns.

I will also be the first to admit that I lack fashion sense and I definitely need some professional help. My GLAM help will arrive tomorrow at the Home and Family Hallmark Channel set.

Along with excitement from being chosen for this fabulous show, I am nervous.

I desperately want to confidently articulate how difficult life can be with a rare disease. In my HypoGal world, I struggle with two rare diseases Sheehan’s Syndrome and Relapsing Polychondritis.

Most people do not realize I have a chronic illness because both of my diseases are invisible diseases.

There are numerous days each month when unpredictable fatigue leaves me feeling too tired to move, speak, engage with people but I look fine.

I feel this constant need to explain to people why I do not accomplish much during my day. I do not want others to think I am lazy. I realize I should not be concerned with what other people think, but I am.

I often compare my HypoGal body to Fool’s Gold or a chocolate Easter Bunny.

The shiny Fool’s Gold glitters but is fake and most chocolate Easter Bunny’s look delicious but are hollow. Even though I consider my body a faux, I don’t want to look ill.

The vanity that lingers within my forty-something exhausted body does not want desire to look how it feels. I am grateful that Dana Leavitt, Producer of Home & Family Hallmark Promotes Sheehan’s Syndrome Awareness.

When Ms. Leavitt asked me what I hoped to receive from my Home & Family GLAM Day, I immediately replied, “A Happy Layer of Life.”

Thank you, Home & Family Hallmark, and my thoughtful beautiful sister, Denise for such a fabulous experience. 

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