Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Quality Of Daily Life

Hypopituitary Symptoms

Affect Quality Of Daily Life

Hypopituitary Symptoms

Hypopituitary Symptoms Cause Need For More Sleep.

Mom, are you hot? I hear my daughter’s question as I stand in front of the pharmacy counter waiting to pick up my prescription. I turn to my daughter, and I ask her how she knew I was hot.

She looks at me with sadness in her eyes and quietly informs me that the perspiration on my face is visible. Oh, I reply. My daughter then touches my skin, and she glumly conveys to me that my skin feels hot, not warm. Her words are your hot, you are sweaty, do not surprise me.

My daughter is wise beyond her years, and my masquerade of good health is unmasked. As she waits for my response, she reaches her deltaic arms around my waist and gives me a hug. My daughter proceeds to tell me she is sorry. She conveys her sorrow with a remorseful explanation of why I am sweaty.

Sadly, she concludes I must have pushed myself to join her in some much-needed errands. She proceeds with a profuse apology that ends with, we should have ran errands when you were feeling better. The last sentence of her unnecessary apology affects us with a simultaneous short laugh.

My daughter quickly chimes in, Mom like you are always sick or going to be sick.

My daughter poignant words stab my core, but my motherly instincts immediately counter with; You do not know, what you do not know. Life changes, medicine changes. Check, checkmate.

For the moment my mother, daughter health conversation has concluded. As I reflect on my youngest daughter’s words, I should not be surprised. She was aware my body had just awoken from a Rip Van Winkle week.

Flares of Relapsing Polychondritis, the need to increase my steroids, and a prior full plate sent my body into a deep sleep. I slept, I slept, and I slept.

I slept fourteen to sixteen hours out of most days last week, and I was still exhausted. As the weekend approached my exhaustion slowly lifted a layer I tried to make plans, pay bills and run errands.

However, the sweat that dripped from my forehead, the dizziness that spans through my body at the pharmacy was a reminder to slow down.

Today, I have a slow day and remind myself how fortunate I am. I have found a way to live with two rare diseases and a handful of secondary complications.

I remind myself that individuals with pituitary illnesses require more sleep than the average person.

Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Daily Life, I can confirm the title of this blog post.

The following are several medical links that confirm people with pituitary diseases usually have more fatigue, need more sleep, are more irritable than the average person:

https://pituitary.org/knowledge-base/disorders/hypopituitarism http://hypopituitarism.info/ http://www.upright-health.com/pituitary-gland.html   

You can read more about more about the Pituitary Gland at http://hypogal.com/photo-pituitary-gland/  

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