Steroid Success In Hypopituitary Cortisol Replacement Promises Hope For Sheehan’s Syndrome


As I walked into my daughter’s room to say goodnight I was startled by her actions.

She had her trendy Tilly’s shirt in her left hand as she pulled with her pink hot flat-iron in her right hand to press her shirt.

I was surprised and asked her, what she was doing?

She grinned and promptly replied that she was ironing her shirt for school the next day.

Surprised, I asked her why she had chosen to use the pink flat-iron.

She replied, “Cause mommy I thought you were too tired to ask you to iron and if I used this little flat-iron enough times it would be equal to a big iron.”

I smiled and then I laughed at the cleverness of my daughter’s makeshift iron.

Similar to my daughter’s pink hair hot flat-iron, my steroid success with Hypopituitary cortisol replacement kinda works, some days and most days not well.

I take steroid medication to help manage my Sheehan’s Syndrome and Relapsing Polychondritis.

Many doctors have informed me that I should feel fine if I am taking the standard Hypopituitary steroid dosage.

However, I seem to find that life happens and one daily dosage of steroids cannot handle the different types or levels of stress.

Steroid replacement success in Hypopituitary cortisol replacement has not worked well for me.

I desperately need a gauge to measure the amount of steroids my body needs to function properly.

Individuals with Diabetes are able to test their sugar level throughout the day and adjust their medication.

Adrenal Insufficient individuals need a way to measure their cortisol levels throughout the day.

Ironically, my steroid success in Hypopituitary cortisol replacement reminds me of my daughter ironing her shirt with a hot pink flat iron-it does not work very well.

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