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Rare Disease Showcased With Rare Patient Voice

rare disease

RARE PATIENT VOICE  PAID HEALTH SURVEYS CREATE AWARENESS HELP OTHERS PAID HEALTH SURVEYS Do you or someone you care for have a rare disease? If so, then please become part of the Rare Patient Voice referral program. Rare Patient Voice connects patients and caregivers with confidential research studies and surveys. Rare Patient Voice pays participants…

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Push Through Your Chronic Illness

can you push through a chronic illness

    Push Through Your Chronic Illness? I read a reply post that states, I just push through my chronic illness and work full time. Another member agrees with the push through your chronic illness comment. I read the post again. I must be missing something? My rare disease leaves my body unable to handle stress, an…

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Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Quality Of Daily Life

Hypopituitary Symptoms

Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Quality Of Daily Life Mom, are you hot? I hear my daughter’s question as I stand in front of the pharmacy counter waiting to pick up my prescription. I turn to my daughter, and I ask her how she knew I was hot. She looks at me with sadness in her eyes…

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Are You A Victim Of A Chronic Illness?

Are You A Victim of Chronic Illness

Are You A Victim Of A Chronic Illness?   The question “Are you a Victim of a Chronic Illness?” loudly lingered within me as I read a post from my Sheehan’s Syndrome online support group. The Sheehan’s online support group is a phenomenal group of women who live with the chronic illness Sheehan’s Syndrome. The…

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