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How Do You Find A Government Clinical Trial?

HypoGal shares in Episode #4, How Do You Find A Governmental Clinical Medical Trial?

In this podcast HypoGal shares her medical experience with a clinical study for Relapsing Polychondritis at the NIH aka National Institutes of Health.

In this HypoGal podcast you will learn how to find clinical trials from all over the world. You just need to go to the U.S. National Library of Medical webpage,

Once you are on the type in your condition, location and then hit search. The site will provide you with a list of public and private clinical studies that pertain to the information you submitted.

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  YOU CAN ORDER YOUR OWN LAB WORK WITHOUT A DOCTOR’S VISIT  HypoGal shares in her third podcast DirectLabs Labs Without Your Doctor’s Fees.  Yes, you can order your own labs online without seeing a doctor! Plus you can order your own labs, know the exact price and buy online.  DirectLabs work with major national…

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My name is Bella, I am sixteen years old when I start to think I am going crazy. I am unable to breathe when I exercise, but doctors tell me I am fine.

Why does my body scream that it is about to drop dead?

I need to feel better because I have a dreamy new boyfriend.

Why is the coach advisor not going to let me be on the cheer team next year?

Read my story, you will be shocked and surprised!

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What is left side pulmonary anomalous venous return? Pulmonary anomalous venous return is another rare condition I thought I would never now about, but now I need to know.

Left Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return is a congenital heart defect that is present at birth.

This defect is due to some of the pulmonary vein or veins incorrectly attaching to the heart’s right atrium or other blood vessels. The left side pulmonary anomalous vein should instead connect to the left atrium.

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Rare Disease Showcased With Rare Patient Voice

rare disease

RARE PATIENT VOICE  PAID HEALTH SURVEYS CREATE AWARENESS HELP OTHERS PAID HEALTH SURVEYS Do you or someone you care for have a rare disease? If so, then please become part of the Rare Patient Voice referral program. Rare Patient Voice connects patients and caregivers with confidential research studies and surveys. Rare Patient Voice pays participants…

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Why Humana’s Pharmacy Insurance Needs An Overhaul

  My mind-numbing experience throughout the past week screams, ” Why Humana’s Pharmacy Insurance Needs An Overhaul” Humana Insurance Review   My mind-numbing experience with throughout the past week screams, “Why Humana’s Pharmacy Insurance Need An OverhauI.” I have taken the prescription medication, Nuvigil for almost a decade and I believe Humana has been pharmaceutical…

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A Free Gift Makes The Best Holiday Present

A Free Gift Makes The Best Holiday Present   I often emphasize to my daughters that the best holiday gifts are free or almost free. My holiday life lessons on gift-giving are heard throughout my family this season. It is with pride and a humble heart that I share the holiday gifts given to me…

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