About HypoGal

About HypoGal 

about hypogal

HypoGal Website and HypoGal Blog   Plays It Forward So Others Do Not Have To Rewind.


I am Lisa.

I am a middle- aged average woman who is blessed to have a wonderful husband and incredible children. 

Unfortunately, after the arrival of my children, I was stricken with several rare diseases.

Life with a rare disease can be a struggle. 

Obtaining a medical diagnosis for a rare disease can be frustrating, costly and confusing. 

I find that once you are diagnosed with a rare disease finding medical information about the disease can be a challenge. 

Numerous rare diseases have limited medical information.

The HypoGal Website contains information that can be helpful to those living with a chronic illness or rare disease. 

The HypoGal Blog is about my experiences with several rare medical conditions.

As for my medical record, I struggle with Sheehan’s Syndrome, Relapsing Polychondritis, Diverticulosis, Pulmonary Emboli, Cervical Dystonia, and Fibromyalgia.  I am a real mess! 🙂  

I could be the poster child for rare invisible diseases.

It Is What It Is and I choose to play it forward. 

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