Chronic Ill Woman Learns A Christmas Lesson, Again

Christmas Lesson Learned, Again

Christmas Lesson Learned, Again

Chronic Ill Woman Learns A Christmas Lesson, Again

You can choose your friends but not your family is a clique that roars through my mind during the holiday season.  

The personality of my family consists of a rainbow of cultural traditions, occupations and political viewpoints.  

The experience of these blended traits always comes together in our home Christmas Eve.

 From past experiences, it is abundantly clear that if the evening’s conversation is not gingerly stirred the outcome can be explosive.

An emotional explosion blasted through our home Christmas Eve.  

Tempers were lost, feelings were hurt, some strong words were stated but the celebration carried forward.  

We all realized the celebration of being together as a family was of greater importance than some miscalculated actions.

We may find the behavior of family members difficult because we may not have chosen them as friends.  

Yet, the world of the family is where life lessons are learned, traits define us and life’s path is first laid.

My family life has given me the confidence to resilience to move forward with conflicting medical diagnosis, misinterpreted lab results and some medical personalities that are too strong to be altered.

My family has supported me through my life’s journey and has helped me survive some tremulous HypoGal years.

 I have learned that with compromise, love,  and endurance; family can be chosen as your friend.

Happy Holidays to my friends and family.

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