My Pituitary Gland Medication List

My Pituitary Gland Medication List

The balance correct balance of pituitary gland medication took me years to find and it seems to always be shifting. 

While I am fortunate that there are pituitary medications available, it is difficult for me to correctly balance my pituitary gland’s medication needs.

My daily pituitary gland medications try to mimic what my body would produce naturally and it seems to be a continuous struggle.

The following is a list of pituitary gland medication I take daily:

  • Prednisone  (A form of steroid)

  • Florinef (A form of steroids that primarily replaces aldosterone)

  • Levoxyl (A type of thyroid medication that converts T4 thyroid into T3)

  • Armour (A type of thyroid medication that delivers T3)

  • Humatrope (Growth Hormone)

  • Testosterone (Bio-gel replacement)

  • Estrace (Typical- Due to my pulmonary embolism experience I am not able to use oral estrogen medication)

  • DHEA (DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands.)


    If you have an ACTH deficiency then you must take steroids daily.
    You may also need to take medication if you have additional pituitary gland insufficiency. There are numerous forms of steroid medications.
    It is important that you find the steroid and the steroid dosage that works best for your endocrine system.


    • Below you can find a Steroid Conversion Chart:
Steroid Conversion Chart

Steroid Conversion Chart


I hope my pituitary gland medication list is useful to you. 

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