Home And Family Hallmark Showcases Sheehan’s Syndrome

Home And Family Hallmark Showcases Sheehan’s Syndrome

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Home and Family


Home and Family Hallmark Showcases Sheehan’s Syndrome

As I watched the brisk pace of the talented very pregnant Home and Family Hallmark Channel’s host, Debbie Matenopoulos I was appreciative that she would be my voice as Home and Family Hallmark Showcases Sheehan’s Syndrome.

The grace of Debbie’s non-stop multi-tasked actions reminded me of a Cirque juggler perfectly juggling six balls in the air.

Debbie’s ability to multitask didn’t diminish her ability to recall small details, offer quick witty responses and prance in four-inch heels.

Debbie also had an open and compassionate ear to my Sheehan’s Syndrome journey.

She was able to understand my struggle, frustration and desire to help others.

I mistakenly thought I would be able to share more about Sheehan’s Syndrome during my GLAM segment.

However, I am happy that mention of Sheehan’s Syndrome may bring some awareness to this rare disease.

I didn’t see the results of my GLAM session until I walked into the studio and I looked over at the large television screen next to the camera crew.

I was blown away by my GLAM transformation.

It took me more than a few seconds to adjust to my new designer hairstyle, trendy earrings, stunning heels and fashionable dress (the dress was worth more than a year of my clothing budget).

Once I digested the woman on the enormous television was me the thoughts of my growing breast raced through my mind.

The stylist had chosen a form-fitting black and white designer dress that highlighted my curves.

The dress definitely showcased my curves but my breasts in the dress looked as heavy as they felt.

The growth of my breasts stumps my Endocrinologist and my latest medical ailment has an added laugh factor.

In the last couple of months, my breasts have increased three cup sizes but my weight remains the same.

I feel like I am walking around with two six pound bowling balls on my chest and my back is extremely sore.

Thankfully, I just had a negative mammogram but I need to seek out the help of another ologist. There always seems to be the stress of something…

Fortunately, the stress of my HypoGal world was nicely offset by my GLAM day.

I would like to thank Home & Family Hallmark channel for a day well above my bucket list and my loving sister, Denise Weaver for nominating me for a GLAM make-over.

My stylish sister owns the public relations company, Pistol & Stamen and she noted how much I needed a GLAM makeover.

My GLAM make-over was aired at 10:00 AM PT Oct 6th on Cox’s cable but the Home and Family Channel on Direct TV aired a different episode.

Of course, I have Direct TV and I was unable to view the episode.

Fortunately, my Mother has Cox’s and she happily clicked several photos of me on her TV as she watched me air on the Home and Family Hallmark Channel.

I must admit that I am impressed by the quality of my Moms photos.

Below are several of my GLAM Make-Over photos taken on my iPhone, my sister’s iPhone and my Mom’s Samsung Phone.

Thank you  Home and Family Hallmark Channel for a day of delight, Denise for your love and to my family who enables me to play it forward.

Dana Levitt Producer

Dana Levitt Producer

HypoGal's Makeover

HypoGal’s Makeover





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